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Name: Ongaku
DOB: August 7th, 1986
Gender: Female
Site Job: Head Honcho
Occupation: Web and Graphics Designer
Years of Web Experience: Since 2000
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A Fun Fact: My first anime ever was some old anime called 'A Journey Through Fairyland' which holds a huge resemblance to Fantasia only not nearly as good.
Short Bio: I was 13 when I started to make sites in general, but I was 19 when I started this shrine. I'm a HUGE anime/manga/manwha fan! My list of favorites can go on and on, so I'm not going to bother putting them here. Heck, you can see them all over my websites so why should I list them? As you can tell, I love to make graphics and websites, but I also like to write fan fiction. I use to draw fanart but then I just stopped in the 9th grade and never picked it back up. Wow, I'm boring. XD


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