Instead of getting people to submit their works to this site I'm just going to list my favorite Zero and Yuuki Fan Fics. You can still submit your stories, but they must be posted somwhere else so I can make a link. I won't be in charge of posting your chapters on this site since I don't have the time for it anymore. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

One More Try
Destiny was against us. When I met you, you already loved someone. When I loved you, you turned out to be a vampire. When, I tried to forget you, you appeared before me again. Why did we have to meet again if we would only keep on hurting each other?
Fiction Rated: M - Genre: Romance/Drama - ONGOING

Zero Tolerance
After a mysterious arguement with Kaname, Zero storms off and a concerned Yuki follows, determined to discover what's wrong. What she learns shocks her and pernamently changes her realtionship with Zero. Yuki/Zero. 1 of 5 HTRB arc
Fiction Rated: M - Genre: Romance - COMPLETE

Do you cry because you know this is your end or do you cry because you pity me?
Fiction Rated: K+ - Genre: Angst/Drama - COMPLETE

Yuuki is a lost soul, searching for something more than just a broken life in a world of fear, deception and chaos.
Fiction Rated: M - Genre: Romance/Horror - ONGOING

A Mix of Fire and Lilac
Based on chapter 59-60. Zero's and Yuuki's roles are switched, Yuuki being the vampire hunter/vampire and Zero being the pureblood vampire.
Fiction Rated: T - Genre: Romance/Angst - ONGOING