Zero and Yuuki

Zero and Yuuki have a very emotional relationship in Vampire Knight. Even if they do not end up together in the end I will probably always like the idea of these two being togther the most. They both show for each other a very deep connection, whither that connection be pure friendship, family, or love, we will have to find out. Here you will find information about these two characters, as well as their special moments. (Please note, all this information is based on the manga only)

Vampire Knight: All about the series.
Reasons: Why I like them.
Zero Kiriyuu: The lonely hunter.
Yuuki Kurosu: The lost princess.
Relationship: Friends, family, or something more?
Moments: Every single moment they share.
YKYLZAYTMW: You know you like Zero and Yuuki too much when.
Mangaka: Vampire Knight's creator.
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