Name: Matsuri Hino
Hometown: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Blood Type: B
Other Works: Toraware no Mi no Ue (Captive Hearts), MeruPuri, Wanted, and Vampire Knight.

Matsuri Hino was born on January 24 in Hokkaido. She was a bookshop keeper who one day decided to become a manga artist, and all of nine months later, in 1995, she published her first manga title, Kono Yume ga Sametara (When This Dream Is Over), in Japan's LaLa DX magazine. Despite her swift ascension to professional manga creator, Hino's rich illustrations and enchanting storytelling make her success anything but surprising. A former bookstore shopkeeper, Matsuri Hino burst onto the manga scene with her title Kono Yume ga Sametara (When This Dream Is Over), which was published in LaLa DX magazine. Hino became a manga artist a mere nine months after she decided to become one. - Taken from Matsuri Hino Fan Site

All of Matsuri Hinos's other works have been licensed in the United States. I think that all her stories are very fun to read so if you are curious give them a try and help support the author!