Zero and Yuuki have a very close relationship. There is no denying that they both love each other but feel like they can't be with each other. I'm going to go into a little more detail about their interaction in the story. Some stuff you may have heard before on the website but there is also new things. If you want to see all the moments together you will have to see the moments page.

They first meet when they are both very young. Zero comes to the academy covered in blood and Yuuki's adoptive father asks her to help him get cleaned up. Right away Yuuki wants to help him as much as she can. She asks him for permission before doing anything such as touching him or cleaning him up. Zero doesn't say anything to her but lets her do as she please. He is almost dead to the world.

Zero's Feelings: Zero sees Yuuki as someone very important to him. He isn't in love with her at first, it grows with time. He is very protective of her and likes to tease her. They bicker like childhood friends should but it is always playful. Once Yuuki learns of what he is he feels like he shouldn't go on living. He hated the fact that he made her his first victim.

When Yuuki doesn't let him kill himself or leave he starts to grow even more fond and protective of her. Drinking the blood is suppose to be a very close thing that only lovers do, so it isn't surprising. He starts to realize he has come to really love Yuuki and will do anything for her to keep her safe and happy. He hates being a vampire and having to rely on her for blood and because of that he feels he must never let her know of his feelings.

He also believes that a vampire and human should never be together so he will never tell her. However, when he has a nightmare about Killing Yuuki he freaks out. Yuuki wakes him up and he almost kisses her but pulls back and acts like it was nothing.

He tells Yuuki that his life belongs to her. If he is to ever go out of control she should be the one to kill him. Even when Yuuki is strangling him he doesn't move and just closes his eyes. He doesn't believe that he is truly living as a vampire and since Yuuki gives him blood he is hers to do whatever she wishes with.

Besides being protective of her he also wants to help her. When she starts to have visions and gets scared all the time. He goes with her to help her try to find out what happened in her past. He is also there to hold her and protect her when she wants to visit Kaname. It has to be hard on him when he has to just stand their and watch Kaname and Yuuki act like lovers. He won't make any moves as long as Kaname doesn't harm her though. He doesn't want Yuuki to ever become a vampire and gets mad at her when she mentions it.

After Zero learns that Yuuki is actually a pure blood vampire and is the sister to Kaname he doesn't handle it well at all. The woman he loves is also the type of vampire he can't stand the most. He shows her hatred and doesn't let her come near him, holding his gun at her through the door. There last moments after the big fight with Rido are very sad. Zero points his gun at Yuuki but then gets mad at her because she doesn't run away. When his gun starts to attack him and Yuuki pulls it out of his hand he glares at her but can't hate her completely. He pulls her into an embrace just before she is about to leave him alone.

He asks her is the Yuuki he knows is still inside her? Then he tells her the only blood he desires is her blood and stick his fangs into her neck. He thinks he is disgusting for feeling this way. When he pulls away he looks at her with the saddest of eyes and then kisses her on the lips. Then, he asks her, now that she has regained all her memories, is she rid of all her worries and fears?

When she tells him she is he tells her he is too and he is fine with her no longer being next to him. He tells her to go and live with the man that can be with her for all of eternity and the next time he meets her, he will kill her.

So, even though it seems like Zero will have nothing to do with Yuuki anymore it is obvious that he still loves her very much. It also seems unlikely that he will actually kill her, unless it's an accident.

Yuuki's Feelings: When she first meets Zero she is filled with the strong urge to want to protect and help him. She feels as though one touch will break him so she acts very careful around him. She sees him as someone very important to her but doesn't see him in terms of a man to love. She has feelings of love for Kaname so she doesn't really think about Zero. Yet, for some reason she is drawn to him and likes to do all that she can to make him happy. She is even cute and lets Zero have the only good piece of chocolate she made from scratch for Valentines Day.

The very first time she is bitten by Zero she acts scared of him but immediately regrets it when she sees the look of hurt on his face. She doesn't let Zero kill himself and when he tells her to kill him because she is scared of him she rejects it and grabs him from behind in a tight hug. She tells him she is not afraid of him and that she will stop there from being a next time. She realizes that she has always been with Zero while he was fighting this. Just because she now knows doesn't make him any different to her.

After she learns that Zero is a vampire her feelings of him become muddled and confused. She wants to protect him even more than before but doesn't really understand what Zero is to her. She doesn't want Zero to fall to level E and offers him her blood even though he doesn't like too. There relationship takes a huge turn into be more secretive and sexual. When Yuuki is having her blood sucked by Zero she thinks how scary it is but for some reason, since it is Zero, she isn't scared at all.

When she is afraid she always goes to Zero. Holding onto him while shaking and crying in his arms. It is like she feels really safe around him. After he almost kisses her she gets flustered and doesn't understand what is going on. She also gets a little mad when Zero acts like it never happened.

Later on she feels like she has been selfish and has been using Zero to make herself feel stronger. She gets mad at herself and loses her mind for a bit when she almost strangles him. She then gets mad at him for not fighting back and when he tells her it is because she is his victim she laughs and says he is wrong. She says that he is actually her victim. That she is the one who lead Zero into a corner to which he couldn't return. She says he always goes along with her selfishness and feels that all she said she was doing for him was really for herself.

When Zero says the things she saying is weird and that is sounds like she desperately needs him. Yuuki acts really confused and surprised. Then Zero tells her that the one she really needs is not him but Kaname. Yuuki calms down but does not agree with Zero, she changes the subject and tells him that she is fine and he can leave.

After she awakens as a pure blood and gets all her memories back the first thing she starts to worry about is Zero. She is relieved when she knows that the smell of blood outside does not belong to him. Even though Kaname tells her to stay put in her room she jumps out the window because she wants to find Zero. She even runs out barefoot. However, when she gets to the door she hear the clicking of his gun so she halts. When he tells her she is no longer the Yuuki he knows she agrees and says it is because the vampire side of her ate the human Yuuki. Then she runs off and begins to cry but doesn't really understand why she is crying.

After the battle with Rido, Yuuki is determined to help Zero still, even though he points his gun at her she does not run. She is shocked when he pulls her into a tight embrace and then kisses her. The shock of it all keeps her from really registering what is going on. After they part ways and he tells her he will kill her the next time they meet she tells him she will keep running so that he will have a reason to live by still having enemies to go after.

When she gets away from everyone she breaks down in tears. She doesn't want to believe that what Zero said is really true, she doesn't want to be enemies with Zero. She hates that fact that it seems like there was no other solution than this. Then the kiss finally sinks in and the memory of his near kiss comes back as well. She finally realizes that all along Zero has loved her. She apologies to him out loud even though he isn't around and she feels that she isn't the right person for him.

She then leaves with Kaname to go into hiding but her feelings and thoughts of Zero do not vanish. When she finally decides to drink Kaname's blood he tells her that is a good thing because they can only quench their thirst by drinking the blood of the person they love. She tells Kaname that her thirst will never become quenched then because she also loves Zero. She also makes Kaname jealous from time to time when she talks of Zero so strongly and so sure of him.

Yuuki loves Zero very much but because they both feel like they don't belong with each other it seems like they may never get the chance to be together. Yuuki feels like she has to be their for Kaname as well.

I still have high hopes that they might end up together. It just doesn't seem likely that something big won't happen to each other when they have such strong feelings for each other. I feel like it would be a good way to help the connection between Vampire Hunters and Vampires.