Zero and Yuuki are a popular pairing for the series of Vampire Knight, and I happen to be one of the people in this fanbase.


So, why am I making a shrine for them?

Right away I became a fan of the idea of Zero and Yuuki being together even before I decided that I didn't like the other love interest, Kaname. I find their relationship to be very touching and heart breaking that I can't help but be drawn to it.


First of all, I have a love for Zero alone but seeing his interaction with Yuuki makes him even better. He is usually very cold and uncaring but it's only with Yuuki that he shows other emotions besides anger.

I believe that Zero needs Yuuki more than Kaname for many reasons. I also believe that Yuuki needs Zero more than she even realizes. Some of the later scenes in the manga made me decide this.

Below I list some of the key things that made me decide this couple should be together.

1.) Yuuki denies Zero's comment about how she would let Kaname drink her blood.
2.) Zero doesn't tend to open up to many people but with Yuuki he shows more emotion.
Zeki 3.) Zero likes Yuuki but feels he doesn't deserve her. He even helps her with her emotions concerning Kaname.
4.) Yuuki clings to Zero but doesn't really understand why or what he means to her.
5.) Yuuki is more herself when she is around Zero than when she is with Kaname.
6.) Zero ends up in turmoil when he find out that Yuuki is a pureblood and even though he threatens her he can't kill her and is even glad that she is no longer afraid.
7.) Yuuki cries when she thinks she and Zero have to be enemies.
8.) When Yuuki is with Kaname she still has lingering thoughts about Zero.
9.) Yuuki use to suffer with nightmares every night but they stopped when Zero came into her life.
10.) Yuuki has admitted to loving Zero even though they are suppose to be enemies.

Now, some people might think that Zero and Yuuki have more of a family relationship going on but I couldn't be more against that. If she is suppose to be like family with Zero then what is Kaname? They have way to much sexual tension to be cast off as family.

I might be making a site for the losing fandom couple but I will not regret it nor will I ever change my mind.