You know you love Zero and Yuuki too much when...

1. You write fan fiction on them.
2. You make a website *haha guilty*
3. You draw fan art with them *wink*
4. You have dreams about them (o_0)
5. You can't stop thinking about it.
6. You might cry if Yuuki ends up with Kaname instead, even if you like Kaname.
7. You might cry if Zero ends up with anyone else.
8. You want Kaname fans to back off.
9. You want more kissing scenes between them really bad.
10. You want them to be honest with each other.
11. You read the Zero and Yuuki scenes over and over again.
12. You skip through the Kaname and Yuuki scenes.
13. You only read Zero/Yuuki fan fiction for Vampire Knight.
14. You're at this site!
15. You're reading this, hehe.

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