Zero Kiriyuu

Name: Yuuki Kurosu
Age: 16?
Race: Pure Blood Vampire
Family: Brother and deceased parents
Likes: Zero, Kaname, Sayori, Kaien
Dislikes: Blood, Secrets, Being Helpless

Appearance: Yuuki starts off with short brown hair that later beomes becomes long. Her eyes are a soft brown and are big and full of emotion. She puts off an air that makes her seem silly and cute even though she is suffering from a dark past. She is usually wearing the day class uniform with black stockings.

yuuki yuuki yuuki

Personality: Yuuki's personality is very happy and sincere. She get's scared easily because of her past and the fact that she can't remember much. She likes to show how strong she is because she hates having to rely on everyone. She is very caring for the people around her and is always looking out for them. There are times when she gets depressed but she usually doesn't show that in front of people except for Zero and her friend Sayori.

Her Story: (Arc One) Yuuki was brought to the school by Kaname as a very young human girl. She was tramatized because she couldn't remember anything and was nearly killed by a 'bad' vampire in which Kaname saves her. Not being able to remember her past eats away at her and gives her nightmares until Zero comes into the picture.

She has a strong will to want to help Zero in his suffering and because of that goal she stops having her nightmares for a while. She attends classes with Zero and is part of the school's Gaurdians to help keep the Day Class students from knowing that the Night Class is filled with Vampires.

Even though she acts happy she is really holding in a lot of fears and worries. She can't leave the school grounds alone because she will freeze up in fear. She does have a strong attachment to Kaname because he saved her but was even scared of him for a while because she learned he was a vampire.

In time she gets over that and gets very attached to Kaname and even has a crush on him. Later on she starts to get angry with him because of all the secrets he holds from her. She also begins to feel that he might have been the one to erase her memories. She starts to pull away from Kaname and doesn't act as close and instead gets closer and closer to Zero.

Once she learns of Zero being a vampire her world takes a drastic change. At first she is upset to find out he is a vampire but then she worries for him. She doesn't want him to die and offers her blood to him to keep him from falling to Level E. She also tells him that if he should ever fall to those urges she would be the one to stop him. Zero gives her a special gun and permission to kill him if he falls to his blood lust.

Eventually she starts to get haunted by her memories again. She begans to see illusions of blood and gore and it frightens her and makes her disoriented to what is around her. It gets so bad that she almost kills Zero but then gets angry at herself and Zero for not stopping her. When she can't handle her illusions anymore Kaname takes her away and bites her.

She tries to stop him by fighting him off but it does nothing and then she tries to scream when he makes her drink his blood beacuse she doesn't want to be a vampire. When she comes back to consciencess all her memories have come back as well. She finds out that she isn't a human but is in fact a pure blood vampire, one of the strongest vampires in exsistance. She also remembers that Kaname is her brother and she is bethrothed to him.

Nobody knew about her because her parents kept her hidden in a secret underground chamber. They were afraid of her being kidnapped and killed like their other child, which happens to be Kaname. When they can no longer hide her the father dies trying to fight the man that wants Yuuki and her mother dies from using some kind of spell to change Yuuki into a human and forget all her memories.

She has a hard time adjusting to her new self and the blood lust. She continues to worry for Zero but knows that she is no longer welcome to be around him now that she is the type of vampire he hates the most. She battles with Zero to stop the man who killed her parents but once they win Zero points his gun at her. She doesn't move and he gets mad. In the end she says her goodbyes to Zero and they walk away, Zero promising to kill her the next time he sees her.

She cries hard once he is out of site but then composes herself and decides she can no longer act the same way she use to. She has to uphold herself as a pureblood vampire. She returns to where Kaname is to go back into hiding from their new enemies.

(Arc Two) She lives a year with Kaname, hidden in the same place she was kept hidden as a child. There she fights her urges to give into the beast within her. She refuses to bite Kaname and has tried to kill her vampire self in her head. Kaname tells her that she can only quinch her thirst by drinking from the one she loves. She tells him that her thirst can never be completely quinched then because she also loves Zero.