Zero Kiriyuu

Name: Zero Kiriyuu
Age: 16-17??
Race: D Class Vampire
Family: Brother and deceased parents
Likes: Yuuki, Bloody Rose Gun, Horses
Dislikes: Blood, Vampires, Kaname, Pure Bloods, Being a Gaurdian

Appearance: Zero has short silver hair with long bangs, he has grayish purple eyes that he keeps emotionless most of the time, they glow blood red when he losses to the blood lust. There is a tattoo on the left side of his neck that is pretty big, it's a weird symbol that seems like a cross between a star and a flower and it also glows when he is getting blood thirsty. He is usually in his black 'day' class uniform with a red tie. His looks give off a vibe of being cold and uncaring so it can scare most people off.

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Personality: Zero has a very closed off personality. He doesn't talk much to anyone, except Yuuki, and even still he doesn't tell her very much. He may seem mean and uncaring but that's not true because he doesn't like to see people get hurt and he doesn't want to hurt them either. He gets irrtated easily especially if someone puts themself in danger. Sadly, he isn't a very sensitive guy and he doesn't care if people like him or not. The only person he shows some personality with is Yuuki. He seems to only smile around her and act more like a regular boy by teasing her and such.

His Story: (Arc One) Zero came to the school still covered in blood 4 years before the story begins. He hates vampires because they murdered his entire family and for another reason that isn't said until later. He didn't talk when he first came, didn't go to school and had pure hatred in his eyes.

Ever since that day he hasn't ever entered a stranger's territory without carrying a weapon.

Eventually Yuuki got him to go back to class and he even started to talk a little bit more but he was still closed off. He is a year older than Yuuki but he is in her class because of the year he stayed out of school. Since he also knows about vampires he is part of a team with Yuuki, which is basicly the guardians to make sure the 'Day' Class students never find out that the 'Night' Class students are vampires. He ends up sleeping during class because he and Yuuki are usually up all night.

His true story is something very dark and sad. During the four years of being at the school Zero has been fighting off something big that he never wanted Yuuki to know.

Besides his family being murdered he was bitten by a pure blood vampire which turned him into a D Class Vampire. The blood lust finally gets to him one night after four years of fighting it off and he ends up attacking Yuuki making her his first victim.

Since Zero wasn't a vampire from birth he has a hard time with his blood lust. His body rejects the blood tablets and even makes him sick. If he doesn't drink the blood of the pure blood that turned him into a vampire he will become a level E vampire, which is when a vampire that use to be human losses all willpower to the blood lust and therefor has to be eliminated. Yuuki doesn't want this to happen to him so she offers her blood for him to drink. Zero doesn't like to do it but Yuuki pushes him and tells him not to feel guilty about it.

For the longest time you think that Zero was an only child but actually he has a twin brother named Ichiru. He thought he was dead but he eventually shows and tries to kill Zero or convince him to be the pure bloods servant. He became a follower of the pure blood that killed his family and changed Zero, but he isn't a vampire himself. Ichiru was sickly unlike Zero and it seemed as though they both loved each other so much when they were younger but in reality Ichiru hated Zero.

His meeting with his brother also gets him to meet is worst enemey again, Shizuka. But, just as he was about to get the chance to kill her, he was beat to the punch. His brother leaves, filled with anger, thinking that Zero killed the one person he loved.

Even though Zero is getting Yuuki's blood he is still slowly falling to the E level. During a fight with Kaname he ends up drinking his blood to help keep him from changing. Kaname lets him so that he will still be able to play the part of protecting Yuuki until he can do it himeslf. Which only makes his hate for purebloods even worse, especially since he knows Kaname is the one who killed Shizuka.

Then things go downhill from there. He learns that Yuuki is actually a pureblood and not only that, she is Kaname's sister and supposed fiancee. Out of anger and shock he keeps his distance from Yuuki, pointing his gun at her through the door and saying she is no longer the Yuuki that he knows. During all the commotion with the vampire council attacking the academy and Rido coming a number of big changes happen to Zero.

He gets locked up by the hunter's assossiation and during his time he gets visited by Kaname and his brother. His brother shoots him, which shocks zero but then he learns that he just wanted Zero to get his blood lust so that he could 'eat' him and become whole again. He wants to use Zero to kill Rido, the true enemy of the woman he loved, because he couldn't do it himself. As Ichiru is dieing he finally comes clean on his true feelings and Zero cries and drinks his blood. As he is getting out of the prison you see a scary shadow coming from Zero, he has gotten really powerful because he know has the blood of three purebloods in him.

Things are completely different for Zero now that he has no family left, the girl he loves is actually his worst enemy, and he is a powerful vampire hunter. He helps Yuuki to kill Rido but then turns his gun on her. Kaname sees this and gets mad, trying to kill him but Yuuki stops them from fighting. Kaname leaves and Zero and Yuuki are left alone. He looks mad at her but then pulls her into a tight hug and kisses her. He asks her if she is no longer scared and then he tells her that the next time they meet, he will kill her.

All of Zero's life has been used as a pawn. He was used by his parents to become a great vampire hunter, used by Shizuka to exact her revenge on his family, used by Kaname to protect Yuuki and fight Rido, and then used again by his brother to kill Rido as well. Zero's goal is to kill every last pure blood vampire, even if that means having to kill his beloved Yuuki.

(Arc Two) A year later and Zero is still going strong. He is a part of the Vampire Hunters still and attends school. He fights only the vampires on his list and doesn't seem to be looking for Yuuki or Kaname. The vampire hunter's plan to make Zero their new president when he reaches the right age.